Hello from the Author

Baird Wells

 Baird Wells is author of the Hundred Days series, as well as stand-alone novels  An Unspeakable Anguish and Last Woman in Weary Creek. Her award-likely books have sold tens of copies in several places.
Baird fell in love with the past growing up in beautiful Hampton Roads, Virginia. She wrote her first short story in 10th grade, for which she received one-hundred percent and a smiley face. Mrs. Gardner taught her the meaning of determination, and Baird, by now, has surely taught Mrs. Gardner the meaning of regret.
Vermillion was a second-round finalist for the 2015 Writer's Digest E-book Awards. Argent received a 2016 honorable mention for published fiction.
When she’s not scribbling, she enjoys performing alchemy at her soapworks.
Baird makes her home in the Wild West, daydreaming.